The Winery

The winery was designed idealistically with form and function in mind.

We follow traditional winemaking techniques.  Our entire production throughout our three locations is very much “hands-on”.  All our grapes are handpicked early in the morning, and destemmed and gently crushed in the winery.  Cold soaking, slow fermentation, use of traditional basket press and use of French oak barrels ensures the highest quality and the integrity of our wines throughout.


The winery is constructed of massive limestone blocks each weighing over 2,000 pounds.  The tasting room is an expansive space on two levels.  

Designed with form and function in mind we used all local materials to create buildings of substance and style, not imitating other cultures but content to stand alone and thereby creating a winery of artistic and architectural merit.

The Barrel Room

The barrel room houses our extensive wines and is atmospherically controlled at 58F degrees, and the best place to be in the Texas summer.  

We only use premium French oak barrels for quality maturation using approximately forty percent new oak and sixty percent mature oak.