At Stone House Vineyard, we offer four tasting options:

Select Tasting, $15/person
Enjoy 6 wine selections from across our production locations.


Reserve Tasting, $20/person
Try 5 of our limited release, unique, small-batch production wines.


Dessert Tasting, $10/person
We offer a late harvest Semillon and two fortified wines.


Group Tasting, $20/person

Taste 5 wine selections that introduce you to the full range of our production.

Our tastings last one hour on average, and you’re able to enjoy your tasting while standing at our bar or while seated indoors or outside on our patio.


Currently, we do NOT offer guided tours. However, as our Tasting Room is in the middle of our vineyard, we do allow self-guided tours around the grounds. During your tasting, we also share with you the history of the winery and vineyard, along with information on how we make our wines.