Stone House Vineyard

Our Story

The name Stone House Vineyard suggests permanence and durability, two qualities owners Angela and the late Howard Moench espouse in their winemaking and grape growing. The winery is constructed of massive limestone blocks, forming a veritable Stone House, with each block weighing more than 2,000 pounds.

While Stone House is rooted in Texas, its heritage stretches all the way to Australia, the home country of founder Angela. She hails from the Barossa Valley wine country and continues to source grapes, winemaking techniques, and her winemaker from that area in order to craft wines that blend Texas and Australian methodologies and flavors to showcase two viticultural rising stars.

Angela has long been enthusiastic about good wine and food, but when she and Howard acquired several acres of land bordering the Hill Country’s Lake Travis in 1996, they had no intention of planting grapevines. Within a year, however, the idea of joining the evolving Texas wine industry grew on them. In 1999, after considerable research with viticulturists and oenologists, it was decided to plant seven acres of the Norton grape varietal that produces a delicious, medium to full-bodied red wine. It also has a high disease resistance and a late bud break, avoiding the late freezes in the Texas Hill Country.

By the first vintage in 2002, Angela was fully in charge of the vineyard and determined to produce the highest quality grapes – and Howard was allowed to walk among the vines and admire her work. By 2012, Howard was allowed to help in the vineyard, as Angela only has two hands.

Howard designed the beautiful winery. He was a frustrated architect (and a real life physician), but he achieved functionality, practicality, and beauty in the two buildings that comprise the winery.

Stone House Vineyard

Our History


Purchased Land

Howard and Angela buy several acres of land bordering Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country.




They consider planting a vineyard to complement their enthusiasm for good wine and food.




Howard is determined to plant something different and to do it well. After consultations with various viticulturists and oenologists, he decides to plant Norton, a native American varietal that's disease resistant is a big plus for the Texas Hill Country. It's also vigorous and, as Howard and Angela discover, low yielding.




The trellis and irrigation systems are installed and 7 acres are planted with root stock from the Missouri Valley.



Taking Charge

Angela is fully in charge of the vineyard and determined to produce the highest quality grapes.



First Vintage

First vintage. To no one’s surprise, the grapes are of excellent quality, as the vineyard is tended like a prize garden. An Australian winemaker assists with the production of the wine, which keeps it in the family (almost).



Wine Release

Release of the first wine, Claros. Immediately wins Gold Medal and Best of Class in the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition. Delighted Moenchs’ plan to expand the vineyard and build a winery.



Another Release

After many other successes with the 2002 Claros, and the release of the 2003 vintage, Stone House Vineyard is firmly established. Scheming Beagle Port is added to the portfolio.




The winery is expanded to incorporate a new, larger barrel room and a large tank room that houses the open top fermenters.

2006 - 2007


Howard's Legacy

Enargeia (formerly “The Wine Dark Sea”) is Angela’s lasting tribute to her late husband Howard Moench. Howard loved the classics, and especially the Greeks. He particularly loved Homer, from which the name of this wine finds its source. “Enargeia,” in Homer, is the physical aspect of the gods when they take on human form. It is a term that connotes a coming together of the divine and human worlds. This special wine, indeed the flagship wine of Stone House Vineyard, with its power, depth, and elegant complexity, is a fitting legacy to Howard Moench.



Award Winning

Our wines continue to accumulate many awards, both nationally and internationally, and additional land is acquired for further vineyard expansion.

2016 - 2021