Stone House Vineyard

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Tasting Room

We offer a few different light fare options. We have a cheese board with several different cheeses, nuts, fruit, and crackers. We also have a charcuterie plate that includes a variety of cured meats, toast, olives, nuts, and cheese. Lastly, we have a hummus plate with fresh veggies and pita chips.

They range in price from $16 – $25 and provide for 2 – 4 people.

We also allow guests to bring their own food.

Winery Dinners

Multi course meals executed by Executive Chef John Cain.

Tickets are $125 per person. (Member discounts apply)

Check the Events page for upcoming dinner dates.

Recipe Downloads

At Stone House we believe that good wine and good food should be enjoyed together and shared with family and friends. Here are some recipes you can try at home, with suggestions of wines to accompany the dishes. Each month we will be updating our recipes, food, and wine suggestions, so check back regularly – Enjoy!

Winter Recipes

Spring Recipes

Summer Recipes

Fall Recipes

SHV Table Recipes