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Our Winemakers

Texas Winemaker Consultant

Born in the Barossa Valley, he graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College, University of Adelaide in South Australia. He has worked extensively internationally in senior winemaking positions and now resides in California.

As a winemaker of considerable achievements, he joins Stone House with the commitment of producing wines of the highest quality and innovation. He believes in obtaining excellence through dedication, focus, and understanding of unique viticultural and enological attributes, assuring Stone House’s continued success.

Unfortunately, for contractual reasons, he has to remain anonymous.

Angela in Australia

Australian Wine Maker

The Barossa winemaker is a long time family friend.  Through experience and great mentors, his knowledge and passion for his vines has grown. He manages 75 acres of his own vineyards in the Barossa Valley and also has a small winery.   His focus is on producing fruit of the highest quality, without compromising for the sake of yields. In real terms it means that producing wines from the vine to the bottle. Pruning is where the journey starts, not just when the grapes are picked and arrive at the winery.  He has been involved with Stone House Vineyard since 2004.

Unfortunately, for contractual reasons, he has to remain anonymous.