Our August Wine of the Month – Claros!


It's time for our next Share & Pair selection, where we feature our Wine of the Month paired with a snack option chosen to complement the flavor profile of the wine. With Harvest happening this month, we thought it would be a fantastic time to showcase our estate wine, Claros, Norton Reserve!

As our Wine Club Members and regular customers will know, Claros is made with 100% of the Norton grape, grown entirely on our own Texas Hill Country estate vineyard. While not a grape that is widely known, it is certainly a favorite of ours. As a Native American grape, it has a lot that makes it a perfect match for this climate. It has a natural tolerance to many diseases that Vitis Vinifera grape varietals are subjected to, including Pierce’s Disease. It also has a thick, dark skin that handles the Texas heat well and gives a lovely, deep color for the wine. It’s characteristically lively acidity and ability to handle dry conditions also make it a wonderful fit for our vineyard site.



Once we get the grapes into the winery, we cold soak it for a few days to extract even more color and flavor from the berries. Our reward for this little bit of patience is some distinct spice notes. Something Norton is known for is its tendency to present spice on the nose, such as clove and allspice. It has none of the foxy notes commonly associated with Native American grape varieties. Matched with fruit notes like dark cherry and plum, as well as an earthy finish, we achieve award-winning flavor.


Claros pairs well with many foods. The lively acidity lends itself to assorted meats such as pork, duck and lamb, and it also pairs well with salmon. It achieves a great balance on the palate when paired with these and other foods. And as a medium-bodied wine, we try to match intensity of flavors and not pair it with any dishes that are too big or full flavored.


For this month’s Share & Pair, we’ve selected Mini Pulled-Pork Sandwiches on a Sweet Roll with Pickled Onion. We hope you’ll stop by this August and give it a try!