This November, we’re excited to announce that the Wine of the Month is our newest wine, our 2017 Special Reserve Mourvèdre!

Stone House Vineyard Mourvedre and Barrels

For those of you that may not be familiar with Mourvèdre, here’s a quick introduction. Also commonly known as Mataró or Monastrell, this grape is grown in many places around the world, including the Rhone region of France, Spain, California, and South Australia, where our wine comes from.

Barossa Valley

Mourvèdre can be a difficult grape to grow, as its thinner skin and tight clusters make it susceptible to vine diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew. It can also be very vigorous, spending more energy growing leaves than ripening its grape clusters, which can lead to unripe fruit at harvest time. Careful canopy management is a must for this grape!

Mourvèdre has a long history, dating back to Ancient Rome, and while debate exists as to whether it is from Spain or France originally, we know for sure that it has spawned numerous clones. In grape growing, a clone is a vine that is genetically identical to its “mother” vine. However, a clone will have a slight deviation in the way it grows from its “mother,” such as better disease resistance or warm climate tolerance, and this deviation will be identified as a desirable trait. A cutting will be taken from this specific vine, and it will be propagated in order to reproduce the desired trait.

Young Vine Growing

For our Mourvèdre, we crafted it from four different clones. So, while they are all genetically identical and identifiable as Mourvèdre, they were each selected as a pinnacle expression of this variety, then brought together to produce the best Mourvèdre we could make.

While the style of the finished wine can vary greatly based on where the grapes are grown, Mourvèdre is generally known to produce full-bodied, tannic wines with earthy and red fruit notes on the palate. Made with grapes grown in the Barossa Valley, our Mourvèdre is more medium-bodied, but does exhibit red fruit notes of cherry and cranberry, along with soft tannins. It is highly aromatic, alluring, and authentic. We think it is a perfect addition to our wines from Australia!

We hope you’ll stop by this month and give it a try!

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