Stone House Vineyard is situated on a high bluff overlooking Lake Travis, benefiting from the moderating cool breezes from the water. The 7 acres of close-planted Norton vines are grown in semi-drought conditions. The soil is lean and hungry with layers of clay and sandy loam over decomposed limestone. The vines compete vigorously for moisture and nutrients. This competition encourages the vines' roots to dig deep into the soil where it is moist and cool throughout all seasons.


Standard vineyard management is impossible in the variable Texas Hill Country climate. The unpredictable spring can bring hail, freeze, and copious rains during flowering. Norton has its own program of care according to its position in the vineyard and the end resulting wines. Trellis and canopy structure is the vertical shoot positioning. Working with the natural advantage rather than against it is the driving force in working the vineyard. Every factor is taken into consideration, including the micro-climates within the vineyard aspect and soil type.