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Stone House Vineyard & Winery Club Terms and Conditions

We want you to be happy with your club membership, and have no surprises!

So our terms and conditions are based on common sense; we hope you'll agree.

  1. If this club includes wine, you affirm that you are 21 years of age or older.
  2. You understand a person of 21 years or older must sign for wine shipments upon delivery.
  3. You understand that it is essential for us to have accurate contact information for you, including billing and shipping addresses, as well as email and telephone.
  4. For shipments that are to be charged to you, you also understand that accurate credit card information is essential.
  5. We will notify you by email prior to sending any club shipment to you.
  6. You agree that if any of your information is inaccurate you will correct it by either logging in to your club profile on our website, or notifying us via email or US mail.
  7. You further agree to reimburse us for any costs incurred by us as a result of incorrect information, and that we may charge those costs to your credit card on file with us.
  8. You may ask us (via email or US mail) to hold a shipment for you, either for pickup in our tasting room or until a future date. If you ask us to hold your shipment for pickup, you must pick it up within 3 weeks of its release (or at a later date if we agree to hold it for you longer); if you do not you agree to have us ship it to you and charge you for the shipping.
  9. When you join a club you agree to purchase the minimum number of shipments for that club, whether prepaid or pay-on-ship.
  10. You may cancel your membership at any time after you have purchased the minimum number of shipments.
  11. You understand that club shipments are non-refundable.

Above all, this should be fun for all of us! So don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (512-264-3630 ext 1) if you have any questions or suggestions!